$4.95 each or mix them up

and get 3 for $14


Crickets $4.95 each or
3 for $14

Extra small crickets and pin head crickets are also available.

Woodies $6.50 each or 3 for $16


10gm - $3.00

25gm - $4.95

50gm - $6.50

100gm - $10.95

 25 gm - Super worms - $9.95

86 beach road christies beach SA

Reptile City is located South of Adelaide at Christies Beach. We are a reptile only pet shop! This is what we do best!

We are known as South Australia’s best shop when it comes to reptiles. Stocking the largest range of Dragons, Pythons, Monitors, Geckos, Crocs, Scorpions & Tarantulas. Stocking a massive range of Enclosures, Hide caves, Water bowls, Cage decoration & everything needed to set-up your own enclosure. You would be crazy to buy anything reptile or related without checking us out. The most important thing when buying from us is we are breeders & with 7 years’ experience in keeping & breeding. We have the correct knowledge for setting up for your new awesome pet.

We are forever fixing up pet shop mistakes, quite often after the poor reptile has died :-(

If you have already bought a reptile from some where else you can still get the correct advice & reptile check-up from us to see if all is well. This is not just a business to us it’s our passion & we are so happy to be involved in this fantastic hobby. Looking forward to seeing you here.