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Coastal Carpet Python - 3yr old


(Morelia spilota mcdowelli)

Coastals grow from 6ft to 8ft in general, but on rare occasions reach 10ft.

They are tree dwelling pythons that need a taller enclosure.

Coastals eat pinkie mice weekly as hatchlings & can eat lge rats fortnighly as adults.

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We breed all our own pythons! - We do NOT buy & resell pythons!

There is a disease going around Australia called OPMV/Sunshine/Retro.

These viruses kill all snakes & are not curable!

Breeding our own pythons gives you the protection that you are not wasting your money!

We are the only Pet/Reptile shop in SA that breeds all our own pythons!

You will only find top quality pure breed species at Reptile City.

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