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Reptile One - Turtle tank 3ft Package 90x45x50


Package includes:

  • Tank 
  • Short Neck Turtle - Juvenile
  • Water Heater
  • Filter
  • UV Holder
  • UV globe
  • Thermometer
  • Calcium block
  • water conditioner
  • Pellet food
  • Turtle Dock 
  • Frozen turtle food

Reptile One’s Turtle Eco turtle tanks are the perfect home for your pet turtles. These tanks include a wire mesh lid which allows the use of UV producing fluorescent lighting while keeping the enclosure secure.

The Turtle Eco also features a back filter system with included sponge and ceramic noodles, a glass heater to maintain ideal temperature for your turtle and a fixed floating landing dock for your turtle to bask on.

Dimentions : 90x45x50 cm

Turtles need to have UV to help keep there shell hard and to help with bone groth


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