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URS - OZ Bright Heat & UVB - 100watt


Oz Bright Heat and Light bulbs produce UVB, UVA, LIGHT and HEAT and are available in two flood style wattages. Both of these bulbs provide high levels of UVA and UVB (see reports below) making them one of the most effective methods of simulating natural sunlight and heat. This simulation not only provides ideal levels for optimum health but can actually have life saving benefits.

Often reptiles under these bulbs will have an increase in appetite and an increase in healthy coloration.

Oz Bright Heat and Light bulbs are self ballasted Mercury Vapor bulbs so they will screw into a standard socket. We recommend using a porcelain socket in the ceiling of the cage. The Oz Bright Heat and Light bulbs are not suitable for use in small enclosures and should not be connected to a thermostat.

Oz Bright Heat and Light bulbs utilize crystal clear translucent glass with a highly directional built-in mirrored reflector. This unique design enables incredible brightness and UVA/UVB light intensity.

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